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  • Crypted by Daniel Dorian Johnson

Crypted by Daniel Dorian Johnson

£10.00 GBP



Crypted is a modern everyday carry approach to the “Seven Keys” plot.

On a long drive back from the Blackpool Magic Convention Daniel Dorian Johnson and Michael Murray put their heads together with a single aim “Can we fix the Seven Keys?”. After much discussion, head scratching and near collisions they went their separate ways to solve the problem in their own unique ways, what emerged is Crypted!

DDJ’s Crypted - between two and three spectators work together to create a strong four digit pin through a series of free choices and encryptions, the resulting pin not only unlocks the performers completely un-gimmicked phone, but is found to be predicted in an unchangeable way that has been in play from the beginning.

MM’s Crypted - one or two spectators fairly mix six hand written digit cards only to find that the results of their actions form the unlock pin to the performers completely un-gimmicked phone with a couple of extra provers along the way as well as a solid unchangeable kicker prediction.

"If you are dedicated to performing engaging easy to do mentalism that packs a punch and plays large then Crypted should be in your wallet at all times!"

Crypted comes in two variations. -

Standard includes: The full hour and a half instructional video teaching both variations and extra ideas plus two specially designed business cards to accomplish DDJ’s routine.

Deluxe includes: Everything in the standard set plus a specially designed bank card built to house the method and kicker for DDJ’s variation as well as the kicker for MM’s variation.

The quality of this bank card can not be understated, from the official font raised digits to the genuine magnetic strip and signature strip, it passes all inspection levels and lives in your wallet to be used any time, any place, under any conditions!

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