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  • 24ct. Gold by Steve Cook (Limited Edition - 150 Copies)

24ct. Gold by Steve Cook (Limited Edition - 150 Copies)

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Captivating Anecdotes, Professional Viewpoints, & Quotes, from Magic, Mentalism. Film & Stage by Steve Cook

This book is quite special, in that it’s contents are somewhat unique. There are no tricks in this book, which incidentally, is my FINAL book, however, if you look deeper into much of the contents (rather than on a superficial level) you will discover lots of very practical information and advice which I feel is gold dust, and which, I believe, will enhance your magic and mentalism.

All my life I’ve had a love of film, and this books highlights the affinity and importance between magic and mentalism and film. Some of the material in this book was included in my fake Genius books and my book on Ken Brooke. Many magicians and mentalists desired some of the anecdotes and viewpoints from those books to be included in one volume for easy reference. I’ve done that, but, much of  the material has been updated, and lots of fresh material has been added.

The professional viewpoints throughout the book are, in my opinion, 24ct. Gold! In all modesty, I am quite proud of this book, and I firmly believe that it’s a very informative and entertaining read. This publication has been produced by Steve Haresign (Haresign Press) so you know the quality is assured.

"What a wonderful collection of stories and anecdotes! I love reading about Ken Brooke.” - Graham Jolley  

“This literary masterpiece astounds with its captivating prose and profound narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the reader's soul. So many anecdotes and stories about legends from Ken Brooke to Ricky Jay and many more.” - Raj Tovar

“Just finished this wonderful book on very enjoyable anecdotes and pearls of wisdom from the most charming and wonderful ‘fake genius’ its my privilege to know, Mr Steve Cook.” - Lawrie Day

“This time there are no tricks… That doesn’t matter because the value in this book is greater than any “trick”! I’ll admit that I’m only half of the way through… but man this book makes you think. I really believe I’ll be a better magician by the time I get to the end of it.

The professional view points sections are great. They make you question your own performance which can only be a good thing. It’s full of amazing anecdotes too… which helps you get to know some of your past heroes in a different light. It’s entertaining and fun. Congratulations Steve. This is a wonderful thing that was very much needed” - Steve Dela

“This is approxiamtely the population of the world.....8,045,311,447. Out of all those people there are a very special few, 150 of them to be exact, who can own one of these. Steve what a great book, the humour, anecdotes, fascinating stories about some giants in the magic and entertainment world along with an insight to the legend and creator you are. Proud to own a copy of this.” - Paul Hardill

“I was so pleased when I first heard that Steve had committed to this final book. His tales are as disarming and enjoyable as his routines  - 24ct. GOLD is the perfect complement to his Fake Genius books. This book enableS you to put yourself into Steve's mind for a while and help get that spark that can help you turn your own experiences into creativity. Buy this if you can !

PS - Steve Cook's creativity sums up a generation of British perfomance thinking that we need to keep, otherwise it will become lost (especially to those who rely on video streaming for their development and tuition). It is only experience that teaches those dedicated to the craft that the real work remains in books, as they teach you focus and follow internally, then create for yourself.” - Steve Drury

“I have received latest book of STEVE COOK last week and read it in one sitting. Whoever gave the name 24ct GOLD it is very true it is the right title for this book.  The book is so interesting that once you start reading there’s no stopping to it. It is amazing from start to finish.

I knew most of the celebrities by names but never knew most of the ANECDOTES which Steve has mentioned. They are very interesting and worth knowing if you’re a magic lovers. Absolutely fantastic viewpoints and quotes worth every penny.  Steve do not make this book as your last book. Do write more books. Magic lovers need you.” - Bharat Patel

"What a great book this is! Wow!! Never read one like it, surely unique. In the first instance, to make a definitive analagy between magic/mentalism and film is inspirational and thought-provoking. Many of the anecdotes are laugh-out loud, others deeply meaningful. there is so much to learn from this book, that I'm sure you will read it and re-read it over and over again.

I've already read it twice and am now about to hit it a third time. I don't know how many copies are left, very few I'm sure. I know there's only 150 in total produced. The professional viewpoints alone are easily worth the price of the book. In its own unique way, it's probably the best book I've read this year, and I read a shed-load of books each year. Very highly recommended!! Thank you Steve.” - Kevin McLauchlan

“An exquisitely engaging collection of anecdotes, viewpoints, and quotes from the ingenious (as always) Steve Cook. Within “24ct. Gold” Steve weaves for the reader so many memorable and often very humorous anecdotes about magicians and mentalists who we all hold in the greatest of esteem for their truly talented and unmistakable contributions to our craft.

Yet within these pages we are also ushered within a more private world, where these anecdotes allow us to learn so much more about these truly great performers and of magic and mentalism itself. With Steve’s knowledgeable acuity and wisdom in directing the reader’s focus towards the essential elements of learning available within these wonderful stories, the reader is able to discover not only such unique and worthwhile discernments of why these magicians and mentalists are firmly acknowledged as standout greats within their craft, we are further provided with an array of absolute, insightful ‘gold dust’ within the very nature and importance of specific information presented, with such gainful astuteness enabling us to be able to ask further shrewd and critical questions of ourselves regarding our own ethos towards and within our performances.  

If this wasn’t enough, Steve then turns his focus to film and stage, along with one of the most legendary con-men and hustlers for good measure! Within these absorbingly rich anecdotes of well known actors, director, comedian, and con-man there are sincerely so many brilliant and ingenious parallels that are brought to the forefront within these pages, which any magician or mentalist well versed within their own knowledge of our craft can further take hold of as more pearls of wisdom towards performance and towards ourselves as both people and entertainers.  

Of course, amongst these amazingly wonderful and captivating anecdotes comes the truly insightful chapters of ‘Professional Viewpoints’, filled to the brim with words of wisdom from the (definitely not-fake) genius himself, Mr. Steve Cook.

Since ‘gold dust’ has already been so skilfully spread within these pages, whilst focused upon such memorable anecdotes of the greats, it is so clearly visible that Steve’s ‘Professional Viewpoints’ are not only filled with ’gold dust’, they are in their completeness 24ct. Solid Gold! These chapters are sincerely worth the price of this book alone for any discerning magician and mentalist. With over 50 years of knowledge, experience, and wisdom accrued within magic and mentalism, Steve sincerely and very skilfully is able to precisely focus upon, breakdown, and clearly explain some of the most crucial and necessary advice every magician and mentalist honestly and quite rightfully needs to know. Truly phenomenal indeed! Potent, powerful, and deeply perceptive words of wisdom.

Many sincere thanks Steve for writing another absolutely brilliant book with your amazing, ingenious nature and depths of wisdom shinning through as always! “24ct. Gold” is sincerely a masterful piece of written work that is not only a pleasure in itself to read but feels like an absolute privilege to read throughout every page.

Presently, there are only 47 copies left of this limited edition book and then they’re all gone! I strongly encourage anyone to not miss out on this literary masterpiece.” - Anthony Roberts

Note: This book is a strictly limited edition of only 150 copies worldwide: there will be no more!

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