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  • Amaze by Seth Raphael (MindFX Exclusive)
  • Amaze by Seth Raphael (MindFX Exclusive)

Amaze by Seth Raphael (MindFX Exclusive)


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“The most amazing trick I experienced in 2017" - Andy (thejerx.com)

"Every now and then comes along a clever combined with a presentation that makes for a winner.  Seth Raphael’s Maze 4.25 x 6.875” book fits that description.  Purportedly a collection of both easy and difficult mazes for kids, it employs interlacing principles that are simply impossible for even a well-versed performer to reverse engineer.  In a telephone demonstration, after I received the book in the mail, I selected one of the well over one hundred different kids’ mazes.  The performer, Seth on the other end of the phone connection, asked no direct questions and yet not only described the title of the particular maze I’d chosen but also directed me through the complicated twists and turns to the solution quite directly.  None of the mazes are solved with the same pattern by the way; none of them have the same name.  This prop is pricey, perhaps the only downside, but the thinking behind it is unique and uncomplicated and well worth the investment." - Lee Earle

Note: Click HERE for further information about Andy's experience with this product.  While you are there I would recommend checking out Andy's blog which is always a treasure trove of information.

Mind reading quite unlike anything you will have seen before.  

With this pocket-sized puzzle book, you are all set to stun your spectators with an incredible multi-phased mentalism routine, using brand new principles never before seen in mentalism. It leaves your spectator feeling overcome with wonder, a strange self-assurance in their choices, and a feeling that the world is filled with beautiful mystery.

Within moments of meeting your spectator, you are seemingly able to unravel their mind, detailing a very specific set of choices that they have made sight unseen.  The sheer versatility of this piece leaves room for countless presentational angles including remote viewing, direct mind-reading, influence and more.

Sounding good?  Please read on…

To begin you commit some thoughts in writing before handing them to the spectator for safe keeping.  You now introduce a pocket puzzle book which contains in excess of one hundred different mazes, each with a unique title.  

The spectator is asked to look through the book and choose any maze that appeals to them (the choice is completely free and fair) and to trace any path through the maze, without attempting to solve it.

Phase One:

With zero questions asked you can reveal the exact turn by turn path that the spectator took as they navigated their way through the maze.  Despite the choices being real, you can do this with 100% accuracy.  You can even reveal the exact moment that they reached a dead end (should they have done so).

Phase Two:

Drawing the spectators attention back to the title of the specific maze that they chose... you now reveal their exact reasons for choosing it.  It genuinely appears that you have an insight into their thinking on an emotional level, for instance, “I can tell that the thing on your mind while picking this maze was your current career struggles at work.”

Phase Three (optional):

You ask the spectator to take a look at the slip of paper that you handed them earlier (or the prediction envelope that has been in full view throughout).  The prediction explicitly shows you knew which maze they would choose.

Phase Four (The Kicker):

Your prediction has one little detail: you reveal that the random path they chose had even deeper meaning than they could have imagined. While their choices led to a dead end, those same choices are the perfect solution for the maze they originally chose. It all seems preordained   Kicker finishes don’t come any stronger than this.

  • Genuinely free choices
  • Four deeply memorable magical effects
  • Zero memory work (when using the included crib bookmark)
  • Equally suitable for casual, close-up and stage environments
  • Access to Instructional videos included
  • Refill books available for a nominal price*
  • Perform straight or with an added emotional hook
  • Multiple routine possibilities (Prediction/Remote Viewing/Influence and more)
  • Comes complete with Euro, GBP and USD pricing stickers for added authenticity

*Refill books available for only £10.00 each limited to one purchase per calendar month.  Several 'non-destructive' handlings are also included which do not require you to mark the book.

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