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ATM combines a very clever mix of principles and ideas which will allow you to seemingly determine a spectators exact PIN number.

The spectator thinks of their PIN number, you openly write four digits for the audience to see. When these numbers are shown to the spectator they react in amazement confirming for the audience that they are looking at their PIN number.

Taking things a step further you are also able to remove the entire memory of events from your participants mind.

This 32 page book details every nuance of the routine whist giving you an additional set of tools to add to your arsenal.

Points to remember:

  • The four numbers are never switched and are genuinely shown to the spectator.

  • The spectator confirms for everyone that they are looking at their PIN number.

  • The spectator then genuinely has no recollection of the events which have just transpired.

  • Both the spectator and the audience are left free to talk after the event.

  • Easy to perform

  • Suitable for Close-up & Stage

    Note: The primary effect is designed for an english speaking audience. International variations are included.

    “I find this diabolical. In many diabolical routines the diabolical is more clever than the performance of the effect, therefore entertaining the performer more than the audience. However in this case I think both is attained and that is rare. Well done.” - Banachek

    This guy is a genius and this concept/effect is no exception. I said before that Michael is one of my favourite creators but this just became an understatement. Michael IS my favourite creator!" -Titanas

"I absolutely LOVE IT! Well structured and thought out. The only conclusion anyone watching can come to is that it is real mind reading! The techniques Michael teaches are also adaptable to other routines and should get your creative juices flowing!" - Paul Carnazzo

“Michael Murray is one of the cleverest guys around. I wish I had seen him perform ATM before I read it as it would definitely have fooled me. ATM is brilliantly constructed and extremely devious. I can also see this working well in close-up situations and that's where I'll be using it. Unlike other routines, ATM is reassuringly safe - Michael has covered all the bases here - Highly recommended! - Iain Moran

"AMAZING! Lots of very clever subtleties throughout. When combined these create a spectacular illusion of real mind reading. I love it!" - Dee Christopher

“I'm not being flippant or casual or blowing smoke - this is my FAVOURITE routine. It was the first book I'd read in a while where I was excited to perform the material it contained. I can't recommend it enough.” - Atlas Brookings 

Read about the history and development of this effect (HERE).

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