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  • Aesop’s Favourite (Book Test) by Andy Choy
  • Aesop’s Favourite (Book Test) by Andy Choy

Aesop’s Favourite (Book Test) by Andy Choy

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Finally! A book test that can withstand the most extreme audience scrutiny imaginable. This pocket-size collection of Aesop's Fables can be read cover-to-cover and nothing suspicious will be found. There is literally nothing to find! Yet, it allows you to perform phenomenal mindreading miracles. The ingenious secret to to its powerful potential is hidden inside your mind... for real!


Your participant picks any page (no force) and silently reads a story on that page (all 170 stories are different) and you can immediately reveal details about their chosen story (no fishing of any kind). Yes, it's that direct. No electronics, no anagrams, no assistants, no dual reality, no gimmicks! And that's not all...


You can also have your participant look at any illustration anywhere in the book (again, no force) and you're immediately able to describe it completely (or draw it, if you wish). You don't have to touch the book or ask any questions! It's astounding! Plus, there are many other features built right in... all explained in the instructions that accompany this incredible book.


Perfect for the professional mentalist to astound any audience, or for the enthusiastic amateur to entertain friends and family. Comes complete with the custom-designed book, in-depth pdf. instructions, and a bonus video tutorial featuring Dan Harlan.


To see how clean and direct Aesop's Favorite book test is, check out the promo video featuring a full performance by Dan Harlan. If you'd like to see even more great performances, here's some bonus footage from the creator (Andy Choy) himself...


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