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  • Coercion by Séamus Maguire

Coercion by Séamus Maguire

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Anyone who knows my work will know that I am a huge fan of the "Spectator as Mind Reader" plot.  When Séamus first taught me this system I was smiling from ear to ear at just how devious it was.

It is very rare that something comes along that has as much appeal to me as "Coercion"has.  Séamus has taken one of the most classic mentalism routines, flipped it on its head, and as a result has turned it into something beautiful.

What's most impressive is just how easy this is to perform.  If you have ever wanted to have your spectator attempt to reveal a name that you are thinking of, a name that has been written down ahead of time, then this work is for you.

The real strength of this approach/routine is hinged upon three key factors. Firstly the spectator GENUINELY intuits the name. Secondly the card which bears this name is placed onto the table before the spectator reveals the name, and lastly it is the spectator themselves who turn over the card.

For sake of clarity this effect does use a popular mentalism gimmick which is easily obtainable elsewhere should you not have one already.  Having said this, Séamus goes further to detail several other approaches which do not require the use of this gimmick.  

Included within this (35 page) e-book you will find the following ideas - 

  • Spectator as Mind Reader Essay
  • The Coercion Technique - A technique for allowing the spectator to reveal words, names and objects.
  • The Pushy Book Test - The spectator is able to reveal the word that you are thinking of from a borrowed book.
  • Hands Free in France - The spectator correctly intuits a country that you are thinking of.
  • Three Avenues - A technique for allowing the spectator to intuit a star sign, country, PIN number and more.



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