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  • DMC Elites: Marked Deck (Forest Green)

DMC Elites: Marked Deck (Forest Green)

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The follow up to the smash hit, DMC Elites rouge deck. This time in a beautiful deep forest green, created with the intention to be nothing short of the greatest deck of playing cards for performing card magic available today.

The sixth generation of DMC Elite signature cards. Every aspect of the deck has been iterated and re-engineered again and again, honing in on this, simply the best deck we have ever produced.

That line is just copied and pasted from the dealer info for the rouge deck, but it was true then and it’s true again. We’ve just not stopped working on the deck – the time that’s gone into vanishingly small changes and super-refined adjustments to every feature is huge.


What are DMC Elites?

The new DMC ELITES V4 marked deck (now in forest green) is the latest iteration in the ongoing quest by Drummond Money-Coutts to create the most powerful deck of cards available for professional magicians today. The ELITES are a unique collaboration between DMC himself (star of National Geographic’s CARD SHARK and BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC, and of the upcoming Netflix series DEATH BY MAGIC) and designer and magic creator Phill Smith – architect of the revolutionary OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM. This brand new DMC ELITES V4 is the most versatile, nuanced and advanced version of ELITES ever created.

For the first time ever, the DMC ELITES V4 is now printed by the iconic United States Playing Card Company on their legendary Bee stock, still the world’s favourite choice. The cards will endure hours upon hours of professional use, and all faces are standard USPCC faces for minimum scrutiny or suspicion from your audience.


The Marking System

The cards themselves feature the latest revision of the unique OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM (OMS), a powerful ‘reader’ system designed specifically for the use of magicians and mentalists (as opposed to many decks designed for the gambling world).

The OMS has an ingeniously hidden marking mechanic that is readable with extreme speed, at great range and even in poor light. It hides the value and suit of the card in plain sight with no decoding necessary – the back of the card literally says the value and the suit.

Despite this, you can still comfortably hand the deck to a layman, safe in the knowledge that even the most critical observer would not ever suspect, let alone detect, the secret markings. So subtle, in fact, is the OMS that with the first edition of ELITES – many magicians complained that they’d been sent an unmarked version!

Drawing on the feedback from many hundreds of performers, the OMS has evolved significantly over the years, and in this version the markings are located in all four corners for the very first time – welcoming lefties into the ELITES family. A second quantum leap now allows the markings to be read from a relatively slim spread of cards on the table – or even a fan of cards held in the hands.

Finally, the deck also now features a very clear, one-way marking system, allowing for delayed reads and unlocking a whole new realm of methods. Each deck also comes with an instruction card that explains the markings visually – with no language limitations for international performers.

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