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  • F.A.S.T by Daniel Johnson
  • F.A.S.T by Daniel Johnson

F.A.S.T by Daniel Johnson

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The Trick of the Blackpool Convention 2022

F.A.S.T by Daniel Dorian Johnson has been widely regarded as being the 'Trick of the Convention' at the 2022 Blackpool Magic Convention. It should therefore be no surprise that this product sold out completely early on Sunday morning on the strength of Berg-Fast alone!

No advertising! No flashy sales techniques! No big-name endorsements! Just the strength of the material and word of mouth. The F.A.S.T project contains a total of FIVE incredible effects each of which takes advantage of a tried and tested system to produce a series of powerful effects that are so simple to perform that it is almost criminal.

(We will be expanding the material regularly as we develop more material with the core system)

BERG-FAST: The first effect is a stunningly clean version of the 'Berlas' effect. Both a card and a number are selected by the participant in their own mind. Even though they deal and handle the deck themselves, their thought-of card is ALWAYS at the number that they are thinking of. It doesn't get much cleaner than this.

FAST & OPEN:The second effect is a superb 'Open Prediction' style effect where the participant is freely invited to generate a playing card of their choice and yet the exact position of that card proves to have been predicted in advance. This is a super fair effect that can be performed almost entirely hands-off. (Michael Murray’s favourite effect on the project)

FAST-MEMORY: The third effect is a super clean memory demonstration during which the mentalist can able rapidly memorise a full deck of cards in under a minute, this allows him to immediately identify not only which card a participant freely chose to remove from the deck, but going further than that, the mentalist is also able to reveal the exact positions of the three mates to that card too. Using the core system Daniel has been able to take all the work out of “FALSE MEMORY” The stand out effect from his first project “Mind Over Matter” makes it practically self-working.

JACK-FAST & FLUSH-FAST: The fourth and fifth effects combine to form a powerhouse of a gambling demonstration. In this routine, the mentalist demonstrates the legendary 'Phantom' deal which leaves no doubt in the audience's mind that the mentalist has superior card handling skills, without actually requiring any difficult card handling skills.

All of these effects can be set up in minutes and we show you how to set up any deck of cards, from the most luxurious collectors deck to the cheapest Christmas cracker pack!

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