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  • Fake Genius by Steve Cook

Fake Genius by Steve Cook

£94.99 GBP



Note: This Book is Limited to Only 500 Copies for Worldwide Sale
Fake Genius contains 20 real world worker effects from the devious mind of Steve Cook. Steve has received worldwide acclaim for his effects, such as:

Symbol, Volition, The Stealth Case, ID, Die-Abolical and many, many more. 
The majority of the effects in this book are mentalism based and you will also find somce fascinating and original essays on various topics.  Plus, you will also learn a plethora of invaluable hints, tips and sage advice that are guaranteed to take your performances to the next level.
"I can assure you Steve Cook is no fake... just pure Genius!" - Steve Haresign

"I'm a massive Steve Cook fan... he truly is a magical genius!" - (The late) Anthony Owen

Effects Include:

    • Lovelocked
    A Bess and Harry Houdini story is told about how, after Houdini’s death, Bess continually tried to communicate with him.  The performer then seems to prove that apparently she was successful.
    • Fourtold
    Four different coloured (American dollar) coins are secretly mixed , unseen, inside a purse, by a spectator, who then, without looking, freely selects one, which the performer proves he had predicted.
    • Clear Cut
    A clear piece of laminate is examined by a spectator, who selects a card, which is lost in the deck.  His card is finally found sealed in the piece of laminate.
      • Holiday
      A hotel room key card is found to be printed with a spectator’s random choice of an imaginary holiday destination, hotel and room number.
      • Dated Destination
      A spectator freely chooses a date, month and a destination for an imaginary holiday and the performer reveals all three choices without a single question being asked.
      • Coin-O-Matic
      From among six different coins, a spectator chooses one in a very fair manner and discovers it has been predicted by the performer.
      • Lightning!
      A complete deck of cards is shuffled; a card is freely chosen then signed by the spectator and lost in the deck.  Two Jokers are then thrust face up into the deck and actually sandwich the spectator’s chosen card.
      • ESPecial
      A spectator freely chooses one of five different ESP symbols, which is then shown, in no uncertain terms, to have been predicted by the performer.
      • Foresight
      A spectator randomly chooses five cards, and even though the performer is turned away, he still manages to correctly name all five cards.
      • Bagged
      A Joker, put inside a sealed bag, transposes with a spectator’s signed card lost in the deck.
      • Influence
      A spectator, unaware what is written on three printed cards (highlighting three different locations) matches them to those specific locations.
      • Shell ’n’ Shuttle
      Three coins vanish from the performer’s hand, only to separately appear inside a previously empty purse, left in full view of the audience.
      • Banded!
      Two special cards (Jokers) banded together and sealed inside a card case, are later found to be subsequently signed, free selections by two spectators.
      • Movie Mental
      Four spectators each merely think of a movie from a selection of movie post cards.  The performer discerns which spectator thought of which movie.
      • Sliced!
      A spectator selects one of five different ESP cards and the performer discovers it in a very surprising manner.
      • Die-Abolical! V5
      A spectator randomly chooses one of six dice, yet the performer proves to have predicted the one chosen.
      • Sense of Touch
      A spectator hides five different ESP cards in separate envelopes while the performer turns away, yet the performer identifies which ESP symbol is where.
      • Triple Divination
      The performer turns away and a spectator places three different coins, of the same size and weight, into three of the performers’s pockets.  Without any questions being asked, the performer reveals which coin is in which pocket.
          • Parisienne Walkways
          The performer relates a story of coup de foudre as the French say (love at first sight) in a foreign city, which a spectator chooses.  The performer reveals the city in a fleeting but very mysterious fashion.
          • The Dr Jaks Miracle!
          Under challenge-type conditions, a spectator’s freely chosen card is replaced in the deck by the spectator, while the performer turns away; the deck is cased and played inside two envelopes, yet the performer reveals the card.
            • PLUS...
            An extensive collection of highly valuable tips harvested from years of of real world working experience and a unique collection of essays and insights which are guaranteed to elevate your performances to a whole new level!
            Note: Many of these effects require additional props and simple arts and crafts construction (all additional items required are easily sourced on-line).
            "Fake Genius is absolutely Brilliant! Very highly recommended." - Relish Rich Gerrish

            “This beautifully produced hardback book has something for everyone, from professionals to amateurs. Steve’s effects are direct, simple to perform and pack a punch. Only 500 copies of this book available worldwide. Get one while you can. You will not be sorry, and you’ll be a better performer for it.”  - David Diamond

            “Finally, Had an hour of quality time to read your book. It reminds me of ‘Paramiracles’ somewhat, because it’s about; practicality; level of depth of explanation; how lay people perceive things and, about excitement and wonder. It’s a wonderful book!” - Rene Klein

            “An essential read for any working professional or amateur. A treasure trove of effects, advice and insight into the mind of a magic genius. Can’t wait for the next volume!” - Ian Barradell

            “Steve Cook has a totally unique approach to magic & mentalism creation: he delivers simple, yet high impact astonishing effects, and this book has 20 of ‘em, plus very valuable advice and amusing anecdotes. Buy it and learn from a font of knowledge and wisdom.” - Mick Wilson


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