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  • Fraud by Peter Turner
  • Fraud by Peter Turner

Fraud by Peter Turner

£18.99 GBP



Fraud is a gimmicked credit card loaded with no money, but limitless value. **Each purchase will get one of these special cards.**

Taken from the smash-hit, best-selling (did we mention sold out multiple times) kit that dominated the mentalism genre, How To Read Minds - The 'HTRM Bank' card was one of the most unique gimmicks inside the kit, allowing new mentalists to explore complicated subjects like:

  •     The binary principle
  •     The 37 force
  •     The 1089 force
  •     Reverse pin code divinations

Don't know what any of that means? You don't have to...

FRAUD is a neat package that unlocks powerful mentalism routines and takes up millimetres of pocket space; it's a credit card after all. Add it to your wallet and you'll be able to perform multiple effects with the same normal-looking gimmick.


The FRAUD gimmick is so convincing, we were initially turned down by 3 (yes 3) factories to replicate it. On the streets of Miami we actually printed it flat onto a gift card... and it STILL worked.

Since then, every effort has been made to ensure it's completely legal to use but altered enough to make it genetically superior to any other credit card gimmick that could be dreamt up.

 What you receive is perfect!

  •     Real 3D chip
  •     Authentic raised numbers
  •     Convincing customisable signature strip
  •     Multiple effects built-in

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