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  • Invisible (Limited Edition Version) by Steve Cook & Haresign Press

Invisible (Limited Edition Version) by Steve Cook & Haresign Press

£39.99 GBP



A thought-of ESP card travels invisibly from one signed, sealed and isolated envelope to another signed one.

“In all modesty, over the last few years, this effect has been my very favourite to perform... I truly love it!” - Steve Cook

Probably the first time anyone has produced a ‘test conditions’ card across effect using just two sets of five ESP cards. A much more logical, easier and more direct version. In this version there are less cards to count. A basic symbol is much easier for the laity to remember than a playing card. The ‘work’ is over before the effect has actually begun! Packs small, plays BIG. Can be performed as a parlour, Corporate and stage effect, and in some close-up situations. Angle-proof. No R&S cards. No adhesives. No g****d cards. No sleight-of-hand. Very visual and theatrical, and everything can be examined. If you can slide cards into an envelope then you can do this brainstormer effect! I promise you that you won’t regret buying this effect.

“Good luck trying to follow this effect! An incredible piece of mental magic!” - Liam Montier

Invisible is an effect of which I’m very proud. Steve Haresign has done a wonderful job on its production. Liam Montier, in his own inimitable style, explains everything you need to know in a 25 minute tutorial, plus there’s Steve Cook’s personal handling on a pdf. All of the top quality props required are included (except any marker pen). The ESP cards supplied with the effect are unique and beautiful and can be used for myriad effects.

“Brilliant!” - Michael Murray

Steve Haresign has produced a limited edition, 100 unit version of the effect, prior to releasing the normal version. At the time of writing this notice, there are just 44 units remaining of the limited edition version.

Be quick because these limited edition sets will sell-out very fast!

“The genius has done it again! I’ve performed Invisible on the last three nights and the reactions have been knockout! Any performer who understands what works in the real world will love this effect and will like me appreciate that it’s worth at least triple the asking price. Invisible is not merely a trick… it’s a piece of art! Sublime! Very highly recommended!” -Dennis King

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