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  • New York Lecture Notes (E-Book)

New York Lecture Notes (E-Book)

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"If you’ve loved my material of recent (Devil 2, Midas Touch) then you will dig these notes. Practical real world material, twists on existing plots, in-depth subtleties, principles and an essay or two with cheeky effects jammed into them ***New material contained within***.

There are new effects, never before talked about principles and re-workings/ handlings of a couple of my older effects making them appear brand new. All in all I’m proud of the lecture/ these notes and I know your audiences will be too." - Peter Turner

Within this 53 printed page booklet you will discover Pete's handling for the first letter ploy for the MOABT effect, his thoughts on the use of mathematics within mentalism, fail safe outs, the most revolutionary thoughts on zodiac anagram work (the full system is explained in detail with no prior knowledge needed).

These thoughts are all beautifully explained in accompaniment to following routines - 

Blurred Reality:
The performer asks the participant to think of any word that they desire, the only rule is that it must be a word that the audience will have heard of at some point. The performer continues to explain that he will in the process of attempting to divine the word that the participant is thinking, also pick up on other things about the participant. The performer asks the participant to focus on the first letter and transmit it mentally to the performer.

The performer starts to divine the participant's thoughts, writes down a letter and shows it to the participant - who confirms that the performer is correct!

This process is repeated to divine more letters, the performer after doing this stares into the participant's eyes and successfully divines the word that the participant is merely thinking of... And then for good measure reveals their star sign also!

Almost Perfect Drawing Duplication:
The performer has a stack of cards each card detailing one random object, item or drawing upon the face. Littered generously amongst these cards are also cards that say “Think of anything you like” on the face. 

These cards are openly shown to the audience to be all different and it is pointed out that each card also has a set of instructions on the face detailing how to best imagine whatever is written upon the card.

For example, let's imagine the image upon the face was an apple, the instructions would be -

"Imagine holding the apple in your hands, physically squeezing it and finally imagine taking a bite. Do all of this with a poker face not giving anything away".

These cards are openly displayed to the audience and again just like the objects, items or drawings each set of instructions are different. It is explained that if the participant picks one of the “anything you like" cards they literally have free reign to think of the most obscure image that their mind can conjure up.

With this in mind the participant freely selects one of the cards and they are then instructed to remember what is on the card not forgetting any single detail. They are instructed to be careful to not let anyone see what is written upon the face, keeping it to themselves. When they are happy the card is returned into the stack. The performer sets to work attempting to divine the drawing.

After a few seconds the performer stops and asks the participant if they selected an "Anything you like card" to which the participant confirms that they did. This makes the performer's task infinitely more impossible. 

"We don't need these then." the performer says dismissing the stack of cards. The performer continues -

"First I need to get to know you and how you think in order to divine the drawing".

With no fishing the performer divines the participant's star sign and any other private piece of information (This information is not written on the card - it literally can be anything). The audience can even nominate the information that the performer attempts to divine. The performer then finishes by divining the drawing that the participant is merely thinking of - again with no fishing!

Life with a Unique Twist:
A participant is asked to take out their mobile phone and create a pin code at random using numbers from their private life. After a random pin code is generated the performer asks the performer to think of any digit in that pin code.

The performer reveals the number!

After revealing a second digit from the pin code the performer stops in disbelief, exclaiming "After reading you, you are never going to believe this, this is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me”.

The performer directs the audience's attention to his/ her own phone which has been on display the entire time. The performer continues "Try to unlock the phone using any random code.” the participant does and it fails to unlock. This is repeated a couple of times.

The performer continues "Type in the code that you generated from your private life that I haven't even seen yet".

The participant types in their private code and the phone unlocks! By some twist of fate the numbers from the participant's private life match the pin code that unlocks the performers phone!!!

Simple Yet Psychological:
The performer briefly explains the tests that were conducted using ESP symbols, he then hands the participant five different ESP symbols. The performer places an ESP symbol face down and asks the participant to place one adjacent to it on the table, this is repeated for the rest of the cards.

During the middle of the experiment the participant is asked to
think of a random image. The cards are turned over one by one to show that each one, in turn matches!

The performer then asks the participant what image they thought of during the experiment. The participant says that they thought of the image of a house. The performer casually addresses the participant, "If you were in any doubt that I predetermined the outcome of this experiment maybe this will convince you”.

The performer removes a black light from his pocket and asks the participant to shine it on the back of each of their cards in-front of them. The first one has the letter H the second and O then U, S and E! Proving that not only had you predicted the order but put the image into their head in the first place!

Monkeying Round:
Possibly the most incredible work on zodiac anagrams ever created!

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