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  • Operation Gemini by RedDevil (e-book)

Operation Gemini by RedDevil (e-book)

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Introducing OPERATION GEMINI…a new e-book of close-up mentalism by RedDevil. This isn’t a just a set of tricks, it’s a toolkit!

The mentalism world is fascinated by the Liar/Truth-teller genre these days. Pioneers like Barrie Richardson and Banachek have utilized the internal “magic” of this classic plot for years, and recently our imagination has been captivated by routines such as the excellent “Tequila Hustler” by Mark Elsdon.

With the “Gemini Principle,” RedDevil has made this plot dramatically easier, and he has also freed the performer to use the “mechanics” underneath the hood of this routine in many more thematic presentations than just “Liars and Truth-tellers".

If you want to do more than "which-hand" routines, "Operation Gemini" will give you a huge gift! With “Gemini,” you can literally take this plot out of the “hands” and into MUCH more interesting places! The possibilities are limitless, and you can:
  • Divine a spectator's star sign!
  • Divine a spectator's birth month
  • Living and Dead Tests
  • Divine a thought-of playing card
  • Divine a thought-of name, place, or number
  • Create your own routines and presentations
"A clever tool that not only cleans up a classic routine, but offers scope for so MUCH more..." — Atlas Brookings

“'RedDevil' has created something here that that allows you to get so far ahead without the participant saying a word that by the time the reveal comes to fruition your participant will feel they are being hit with a sledge hammer...I have played with this routine for the last week, and the amount of undiscovered possibilities is honestly ridiculous. It’s easy to follow, not convoluted, and hard hitting. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” — Peter Turner

"I’m really impressed with RedDevil’s new release. He took a principle that I love and turned it into something entirely different. What I like the most about this is that it’s very flexible, and RedDevil got rid of ‘that bit’ that sometimes confuses our participant.” — Ever Elizalde, author of “Manoeda.”
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