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Rainman Glimpse (FREE with any purchase)

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The mentalist claims that he has an extremely good memory and to demonstrate it he ask one participant to write, draw or scribble any kind of information on a business card.

He turns his back and the participant draws a lot of small drawings, she writes a bunch of different words and continues by writing a lot of numbers in order. When the participant is satisfied, she places the card face down on the business card stack and the mentalist turns back around.

The mentalist turns the card over and look at the information for one second and then gets the card out of view, away from the stack. 

Now the mentalist picks up the stack and starts to remember what he just saw, he starts to write on one card in plain sight and amazingly - he manages to replicate all the information, at the same location and in the same order as the participant’s card, they compare the two. They match precisely! The mentalist proved to have an amazing photographic memory.

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