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  • Remote Perception System by Michael Murray & Ian 'Rasp' Cheetham

Remote Perception System by Michael Murray & Ian 'Rasp' Cheetham

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'Remote Perception System' was originally released at the MIND5 conference as part of Michael's pre-event lecture. Seventy booklets were printed up for this event and the remaining thirty copies are now being offered exclusively to MindFX customers.

As with Michael's Isolation project, 'Remote Perception System' was originally developed in answer to a challenge set by Ian 'Rasp' Cheetham. Having sprouted the seeds of an idea, countless collaborations helped to refine this piece into a working effect which now pushes the boundaries of the Rock, Paper, Scissors plot in an exciting new direction.

Within this twenty-six page booklet, you will discover multiple methodologies which will afford you the ability to reveal the exact winner(s) of a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, but will also allow you to detail the specific weapons (rock/paper/scissors) that each person threw.

Best of all, these ideas are versatile enough to be performed live in person, over Skype, and even over the phone and it works in any language too!

You can choose to play with either one or two spectators or even have two spectators play the game between themselves. You will not only reveal who the winner or winners were in each subsequent game (which can be predicted in advance if you wish) but can also reveal specifically who threw what (which research highlights to be a strong advantage over existing routines of this type).

Your demonstration is also flexible enough to be presented in any of the following ways -

  • A remote viewing demonstration 
  • A direct mindreading demonstration 
  • A demonstration of influence 
  • A prediction effect 
  • A psychological approach where you seemingly have the ability to read your spectator's body language or tonality to reveal what everyone threw.

Additional Notes:

  • Easy to perform
  • Requires only the ability to speak
  • Works in any language
  • Multiple handlings taught
  • Completely impromptu

Note: This is not limited print run, and once the final thirty copies of this booklet have sold, another print run will be scheduled soon after.

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