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  • Stereotypes Exist for a Reason by Mick Wilson (Video & Pdf Download)

Stereotypes Exist for a Reason by Mick Wilson (Video & Pdf Download)

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This lecture bundle includes both the one-hour downloadable video lecture and the accompanying 27-page pdf book!

Note: Please note that this lecture was not professionally filmed and although the footage taken is of a basic quality, we are confident that you will still love the content just as much as those who were in attendance on the day it was taken.

Never before has this often overcomplicated subject been so accessible to learn!


"The best lecture on readings I’ve seen!" - Phedon Bilek

"An absolutely charming and captivating lecture that is filled with pure gold." - Mark Chandaue

"You smashed it, amigo.  Clear, personal, accessible, inspiring.  Great stuff." - Phill Smith

"Whether you are a Clairvoyant/Medium, Cold Reader, Magician or Mentalist, I highly recommend you see this lecture." - Colin John


In July 2019 MindFX invited Mick Wilson to premiere his brand new cold reading lecture for the delegates of the annual MINDS conference (held in Newcastle upon Tyne).  Having generated such high praise from all in attendance, we are very happy to announce that the original lecture video footage has now been made available to the mentalism community.

Even if you have never given a reading before, Mick will guide you through a series of highly simple yet structured steps that will allow you to deliver readings to complete strangers with the utmost confidence. No matter if you wish to deliver readings on their own, or as part of a mentalism based routine Mick's approach promises to render this subject accessible to all.


“If you’ve ever wondered how to do readings in an honest open way, Mick’s lecture is a great introduction into both the overall approach and the specific practicalities of doing them. Mick is a great reader and he explains his philosophy and shares a lot of interesting techniques in the session without it ever feeling inaccessible or impossible to do.

You don’t have to be psychic - you don’t even have to pretend to be psychic, rather it’s a masterclass in creating a very human connection with a participant, something that a lot of performers could benefit from (including me, lol). I saw Mick deliver this lecture at MINDS this year on his home turf and it was great. If you can, you should check it out.” - Phill Smith


“I attended Mick’s lecture without knowing what to expect as cold reading is not an area that I know much about or have considered trying in the past. However, the content of the lecture was really interesting and it certainly gave me plenty to think about.

In particular, I was astonished when I gave an accurate reading of my own before the end of the evening. This was achieved quite simply by applying the techniques Mick had taught us in the first half of the lecture. I was impressed, which takes a bit of doing.

I’d highly recommend that you don’t miss this lecture. If you think that it’s not your area then you are missing out on some real gems.” - David Taylor

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