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  • Synchronicity (E-Book)

Synchronicity (E-Book)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This routine requires the use of an impression/peek device such as the Parapad/Paranormal Wallet.

Adam and Laura, are invited to take part in an experiment in synchronicity, a concept which psychiatrist Carl Jung, described as follows,

“Events are ‘meaningful coincidences’ if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related.”

As this is a test between Adam and Laura, the performer will have as little to do with the process as possible. Laura, is asked to jot down the Christian name of a person that Adam couldn’t possibly know, without letting Adam or the performer, see it. Adam, is asked to write down a playing card, without Laura or the performer seeing it. They then, each seal their info inside an envelope and exchange them with each other.

The performer, introduces a deck of cards and displays them to be a regular shuffled deck. As everybody has seen the faces and the order of the cards, the performer mixes the cards in an extremely random yet fair fashion. Either of the spectators may cut and mix the deck, if they so wish.

The performer, reminds Adam and Laura, of the fairness of the actions that have been carried out and that nobody, other than themselves, knows the information they thought of.

Adam, is then asked to remove the piece of paper from Laura’s envelope, and reveal the name Laura wrote down and to deal cards, one for each letter of the name, the final card being placed in front of Laura. Laura, now removes Adam’s piece of paper from his envelope, to reveal the card he wrote down.

The single card that was set in front of Laura, by Adam, is turned over and revealed to match the card that Adam wrote down. The performer concludes, by stating that this ‘meaningful coincidence’ that has occurred with items of no casual-relationship, was meaningfully related...


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