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  • The Devil's Cup's by Gabriel Werlen
  • The Devil's Cup's by Gabriel Werlen
  • The Devil's Cup's by Gabriel Werlen

The Devil's Cup's by Gabriel Werlen

£33.99 GBP



A diabolical method for finding a hidden object. You put four metal cups in a row in front of your spectator. You give him a die. While you look away, he freely hides the die under one cup without giving you any information. He then freely and secretly shuffles the cups.

You are immediately able to identify under which cup the die is hidden.
No electronics.

  • No question asked.
  • The participant can freely hide the die under any of the cups.
  • The participant freely and secretly shuffles the cups as much as he  wants.
  • Simple and foolproof method.
  • You can also use any small object instead of the die.

Comes with multiple routines.

Beside the main routine, Gabriel Werlen teaches you four other routines that will, among other things, allow you to divine the color of the hidden dice and to involve several participants at the same time.

You can combine all the routines together or use them separately. A miracle that fits in your pocket!

You'll receive:

  • Four specially prepared cups
  • Three different color dice
  • A pouch that fits all the props
  • A link to video demos and tutorials
  • With The Devil's Cups, Gabriel Werlen delivers a powerful and devious mentalism routine that fits in your pocket.

Michael Murray's Initial Review -

"I watched through the video performances and even though I am familiar with the work contained within the 'Green Neck' book, I was still badly fooled by almost all of the routines and as such I highly recommend it!

With the four cup routine please consider the following -

  • The participant hides an object under any cup (you genuinely never know which one).
  • The participant swaps the 'positions' of a couple of cups (you genuinely never know if their item has moved or not).
  • The participant then swaps a couple of the 'actual cups' about (their object may, or may not be under a different cup (you genuine never know).
  • You can even let them swap the cups around as much as they like (exactly as per the teaser trailer).

Despite the above, you can instantly reveal that you know where the object is hidden!!!

The brief scripting taught on the video instruction covers the motivation for everything and it all seems so fair and above board. For those that are aware of Juan Tamariz effect 'Neither Blind Nor Stupid' you will appreciate how every action the participant makes seems to culminate in this being as fair as possible and the exact same is true here.

Incidentally, whilst most are focusing on this routine, my absolute favourite from the project (the above is my second favourite) is one which allows you not only to identify the specific cup the participant has chosen to hide a die under, but you can also reveal which colour die they chose to hide. I must admit that I spent a good few hours trying to figure out how the hell this worked and finally caved in and was blown away by the method at play.

The best thing is that the principles at play can be adapted for use in so many different ways (I am already playing with a routine that involves three envelopes and three banknotes)thus making this a perfect routine to carry in my wallet.
I for one, am delighted by the methods at play!"

Best Wishes Michael

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