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  • Trinity by Stephen Young

Trinity by Stephen Young


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*SPECIAL OFFER - Purchase the 'Trinity Set' today for only £39.99 (Saving £20 on the individual prices).


Fresh from the mind of Stephen Eric Young (creator of the 'Visionary' series) comes a trio of amazing effects that work equally as well on their own, as they do together as part of a three-stage 'confabulation' style routine.  Printed on high-quality pocket-sized cards, these routines are suitable for both close-up and stage performances.

Those that are familiar with Stephen's Visionary series will already know what to expect but for those who don't, please read on...

Trinity is made up of three individual sets of cards, each of these sets contains twenty cards with a different theme.

1. Dream Date - This set contains a whole host of popular celebrity names.

2. Bucket List - This set contains a list of activities (things to do before you die).

3. Going Places - This set contains a whole host of popular holiday destinations.

Using just one set of cards you will be able to perform the following incredible 'three stage routine' -

Note: In the example below we will assume that you are using the Dream Date set.  Each set of cards allows you to perform the same effect, it is just the 'theme' that will differ (ie celebrity names, destinations or activities). 

Two spectators each shuffle a small packet of cards and then cut to a random celebrity, remembering the name of this celebrity they then collect the cards together (this can all be done whilst the performers back is turned).

Phase One - The first spectator begins to call off each of the celebrity names in turn and the mentalist correctly intuits the exact moment that the spectator reads out the name that they were focusing on.  

Phase Two - The cards are then handed to the second spectator who is then asked to go through the cards one by one and is asked to merely think the word stop when they reach the celebrity that they were thinking of.  The mentalist once again unerringly knows the exact moment that the spectator is looking at their celebrity (remember that the spectator remains completely silent throughout this phase). 

Phase Three - The mentalist requests that all of the cards are further mixed.  With his/her back turned one of the spectators now selects ANY celebrity card that they like.  They are then requested to call out the names of the other celebrities on that card in ANY order they like so long as at some point they name the celebrity that they are thinking of.  

Remarkably the mentalist is once again able to unravel the spectator's thoughts and is able to instantly identify the moment that the spectator has called out their celebrity crush.

Note: All sections are completely free and fair in every instance!

  • Each set is capable of being used as a stand-alone piece.
  • Each set has three phases of increasing impossibility leading to increasingly wild audience reactions.
  • Based on the original Visionary principle, these stun audiences and are super simple to perform.
  • Each set contains 20 poker sized cards. And they can be used for extra bonus effects such as OOTW

Those who purchase all three sets can not only take advantage of the special pricing but will also be set to perform the ultimate 'confabulation' routine. Combining all three sets together you will send your spectator on an imaginary date and with nothing written down, you will be able to reveal the name of their perfect celebrity travel partner, their holiday destination and the activity they have chosen to do upon arrival.  It really doesn't get much stronger than this!



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