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  • Use Your Illusions (E-Book)

Use Your Illusions (E-Book)

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From the creator of Brain Play, (as recommended by Phedon Bilek and mentioned in his wonderful book Proteus) comes a brand new ebook release.

Use Your Illusions is a collection of card mentalism effects created for the close up and walkaround performer.

What's in it?

Pens N' Ruses:
A participant writes the name of a card on a post-it which they fold and place  into their pocket, showing no one. A second participant shuffles the deck. They test their own intuition and begin to deal cards until they feel the desire to stop. The post-it is opened to reveal the thought of card and the second participant turns over the card that they stopped at THEMSELVES and it is the thought of card. A fantastic demonstration of synchronicity and PERFECT for couples or the bride and groom.

November Frame:
As above, only this time using drawings. A participant secretly creates a doodle and mixes a bunch of drawings you have done (all different). The participant deals off a number of drawings stopping when they see fit.
They show their drawing for the first time and they themselves turn over the drawing they stopped at and it is a perfect match to the one they thought of.

Paradise Tricky:
A genuine freely thought of card is found to be the only one missing from a completely ungimmicked deck.
It is then revealed that the performer knew ahead of time which card they would think of.

Sweet DL of Mine:
One for the magician in you. A participant thinks of a card, writes it down on a post-it and places it out of the way. An indifferent card is placed into their hands and moments later changes to the card they were thinking of.

Welcome to the Jumble:
The performer names their own favourite card. Not only does the participant find the performer's card from the deck they shuffled but they are also inexplicably able to deal down to a card that they themselves were thinking of.

Appetite for Deckstruction:
A collection of ideas that can be used in conjunction with this principle.

Including a star sign divination inspired by an Ian Wragg idea.

A further contribution from Steve Wood where once again an astounding demonstration of synchronicity occurs between the performer's and the participant's thought of cards.

"I've just finished reading 'Use Your Illusions' and I can assure you that the effects Bazz has created are clever, practical and impossible.  You can perform them as magic or mentalism (Bazz discusses his preferences in the book) and unlike 99% of ebooks, this is material you will actually use.  Highly recommended." - Mark Elsdon

"You've pulled this fairly simple effect apart and covered every possible issue and performance idea and I think that's awesome and shows you really care about it!! I love it and will definitely be giving it a try :) thanks man!!"  - Tom Bennett

"Absolutely love some of the thinking" - Joel Dickinson

"I've just finished reading it and there's some good, smart thinking in it.  Barry covers a lot of ground and he knows how to structure things to heighten the effect from the participant's point of view. I enjoyed this and it deserves to do well." - Steve Wood

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