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  • Watch Your Hands by Steve Wood

Watch Your Hands by Steve Wood

£69.99 GBP



"This is without doubt my favourite Steve Wood release to date."

- Michael Murray

“I predicted that Steve Wood was a name to watch a long time ago. This proves me 100% correct. A super strong project. Highly recommended!”

- Steve Haresign (Owner of Haresign Press)



4 killer routines. Hundreds of other possibilities.

  • Looking for a super clean (and safe) spike routine that creates maximum impact in minimum time? Watch Your Hands has got you covered (with a 2 phase, 5 cup blockbuster routine that features a great kicker ending).
  • Looking for an entertaining, clean, multi-phase, surefire Which Hand? routine?
    Watch your Hands has got you covered. Features multiple versions, including one specifically designed for strolling.
  • Looking for a super clean, two phase prediction routine that packs a punch?
    Watch Your Hands has got you covered. And you can customise it!
  • Looking for one of the cleanest CAAN effects ever released? Completely hands off and devastating. Oh, and the deck can be examined! Watch Your Hands has got you covered!

Watch Your Hands does it all and more! All four of these routines are included for you to use, and each one is super strong. But that’s only the beginning . . .

Watch Your Hands features multiple new methods and comes with a brand new, handmade utility gimmick. Together (and separately) these can be used to produce hundreds of other effects. Watch your Hands will provide you with a toolbox of cutting edge techniques that you can (and will!) use to achieve extremely strong and clean pieces of mentalism.

  • Every routine is surefire, with a 100% outcome, and contains brand new methods with multiple parts.
  • Each package comes with everything you need to start performing miracles, including the handmade utility gimmick, other materials, a book and supporting videos.
  • Suitable for stage, parlour, strolling and close up. All effects are easy to perform.
  • I am so excited to share this with the community. It’s the strongest and biggest project I’ve shared, and I know you’re going to love what you can do with it! As the advice goes...

. . . don’t forget to Watch Your Hands!


“It blew my mind. I loved it!” - Peter Nardi (Owner of Alakazam)


“It’s absolutely fantastic. It fooled the crap out of everyone. Well done Steve. Love it! I’m going to get you so p***ed that you tell me how the CAAN is done!” - Chris Congreave (Professional Magician/Creator)


“I have watched all the videos and can’t wait to get performing it. I LOVE all of the new principles you have come up with.” - Richie Carrigan


"I absolutely adore what you’ve done with this project. I can’t express just how fried I was by your CAAN and was even more so when I learned how it was done. Wow! I don’t even know how you’d begin to come up with this but I’m so pleased you have. It’s astonishing. The principles that come with this are all amazing and how you’ve routined them is jaw dropping. Watch Your Hands is such a comprehensive package and these ideas can be used in so many creative ways. Wonderful thinking!" - Darren Woolf


"The ingenuity and quality of your product is top notch. This is my favourite of yours by far. Ingenious method and an amazing utility prop included. Hand stab on steroids and with more twists than a corkscrew. This is one of the cleanest spike routines I’ve ever seen! Highly recommended.” - Ian Wragg


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