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100th Monkey by Chris Philpott (Review)

Posted on 21 May 2014

Firstly let me say that this is a rather unique product to review. This is not a just a singular effect, this is not just a DVD teaching a principle, this is not just a book, nor is it just a prop either; in fact this is so much more.
To say that I'm impressed is an understatement, this is something I will carry with me personally everywhere I go. This system comes pre-packaged with an amazing array of pre-printed cards, a DVD, a second disc which contains a highly comprehensive PDF file (jam packed with routines ideas and suggestions). The secondary DVD also includes a staggering amount of additional files which open up limitless possibilities for magicians, mentalists and hypnotists alike.
Whilst most effect descriptions have a tendency to either hype or over sell the effect in question this one is quite the opposite. Words simply do not do this justice and I implore you to take less than three minutes of your highly valuable time to check out the following link: http://youtu.be/WEze6IPkUio
Although I fully intend to work my way though all of the suggested ideas that accompany this product I will whet your appetite by instead giving a brief over view of those which I have successfully used in performance myself.
The first is an idea called "Speechless" in this effect you claim to be able to rob a person of their ability to speak. Handing them a card which has a single word printed upon it. This spectator holds the card so that everyone is able to see it. Even though everyone else is able to recognize the word with ease. The spectator who is holding the card is unable, despite their greatest efforts to read it.
What I like most about this is that you can even use the spectators own phone to film them as they try to pronounce the word. With nothing more than a simple snap of the fingers you are then able to return their ability to read. At this very moment, without switching the card they are now able to read the word with ease. Should they decide to watch the video back they will see themselves holding the card, trying to hard to pronounce a word which is clearly legible to read within their own hands. They are now left with a beautiful reminder of the event captured in all of its glory.
All of this is achievable without pre-show or instant stooging, apps or complex gimmickry. The spectators themselves are left just as gobsmacked as everyone else. I only wish each of you could witness this in action before the very devious principle behind this is revealed to you.
Before I close this review I should add that Chris has also been kind enough to include all of the tools required to create your own personalized routines. In the unlikely event that you have watched the video clip and still remain on the fence be sure to catch me in person and i'll be happy to give you a demonstration first had.
In the short time I've had this I've performed this a lot and no matter wether I'm robbing English teachers of their ability to read (my most memorable performance) or performing to fellow performers this never fails to get a great reaction.
No matter wether you perfrom childrens magic, close up magic, parlour magic or stage you will find a place for one of these monkeys within your act. In short I absolutley love this and know you will too!
- Michael Murray
To purchase a copy of this please visit www.magicbox.uk.com

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